For only Christ undoes Sin
Focus on the Word not the world
Set your eyes on the Cross not the ambitions of the world
Pour your love on the Savior not on a mediator of the world
In times of darkness consumed by addiction, dishonesty, depression
Stop. Focus
Hold on to the anchor

Stop the lies
Only a little more can satisfy
At your lowest point on your knees you cry
Buried alive in a grave
Struggling for a sight of the sky
Stop. Focus

Your hearts broken
Your mind destroyed
No ones in sight
Feeling denied
Bitterly corrupted
Stop focus

Focus on the Word
Get up, face your demons
You have an indestructible Army
Cover your ears to all the lies purging you into an abyss of guilt

Fact – He loves you.
The almighty loves you that he gave the life of his only Son, for you and I
Fall on your knees
Set your eyes on his glory and confess
My Father who hath in heaven Hallowed be thy name

Holy Holy Holy
Are you God Almighty
The Restoration
The spirit dwells within
Your strength
Your hope
Your faith
Your salvation
It all comes from him

When the demons try to consume you
Convince you
Confuse you
Destroy you
Devour you
Stop focus confess
Every knee shall bow
Every tongue shall confess
All your sins are washed away
You are made new
No shame
No guilt
No past
No imperfection
The time is now
A never ending love
His arms are wide open
Safe in his loving embrace
Shielded with the Armor of God
Accept his Son
Receive his forgiveness
Your are saved by the Blood
For only Christ undoes

 Teni  x

One of my longer poems, decided to post it on here first because its really close to heart. I like to think of it has my stepping stone poem. Hope you enjoy

Ps there will be a commentary on this poem coming up soon