Ephesians 5:18 

Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit

I’m an Addict
First step to recovery is admittance
I’m admitting but it’s simply an acknowledgement
I am fulfilled with every drag of this stimulant

Stimulant: a substance that raises levels of psychological or nervous activity in the body.
Absolutely illegal
And most definitely has its side effects

But you see I’m unconditionally and madly fixated and in love with this drug
To grieve it is to die
To restrict my supply of oxygen
To have my heart violently and viciously ripped out

I speak in words unknown to man
My eyes are opened to supernatural battles
My ears are awakened and tuned in to a different pitch
My entire knowledge comes from a book written years ago
My understanding of this word is dependent not on my might but of The Spirit

You might be slightly confused
And think I’m slightly mad
But Let me explain
This drug is only illegal through the laws of the devil
You see, I’m at war
In this war I’m on an important mission
To spread a message
A message of the gospel

I’m a soldier, Armed with the Armor of God
This Drug builds my inner man and shields me
Without this drug I am unprotected, empty – but still burdened with worries
And my end is filled with fire and distress

But you see I am saved, my spirit is awakened through the blood
I am new through the cross
The acceptance, the confession
My burdens are lifted
I am protected
My defense is solid
My hope is restored
I am undefeatable

The devil has no hold
He has no power
He has no foundation

So you see I have found the greatest drug
I am stronger from its side effects
No shame, no pain, no past will ever separate me
From the Grace of my lord Jesus Christ
The love of God
And the sweet Fellowship of the Holy Spirit 

Teni x
This a little something i wrote expressing my thoughts on the presence of the holy spirit within me