Okay so yesterday I woke up with a very powerful psalm In my head- Psalm 50!. I loved it, it linked perfectly with my quite time. And I just love Psalms In genral. Psalms means praises. Most Psalms praise God, exalting him. I think waking up each morning and reciting a Psalm is a powerful way to enact the will of God of continously giving thanks.

Anyway I just thought why not have a psalm a day!
As im led this will be woven into my quiet time and I’ll try and share this as much as I can! But more importantly I think its not really a Psalm a day but a Psalm a fortnight :D. It will still be called a Psalm a day because it has a nice ring to it. But the idea of this conecpt is more of putting two weeks aside to learn a Psalm. Depending on its lengh, if its a short one it will probably be a week. The whole idea is to learn as much Psalms as i can. I think Psalm 23 is one of the most powerful Psalms you should know off the top of your head. I recite it every night before I sleep along with the Lords prayer. When I find myself in a tight situation and I feel too on edge to pray I recite it and it calms me down! Its a strong prayer and a powerful declaration over your life.

Okay so just to summarise

A psalm a day inverted Into my quiet time that I will share once in a while…
A psalm a day that will be shared weekly to learn and use in our daily lives! Its a blessing!

Teni x