Proverbs 4:23 Above everything else, guard your heart; for it is the source of life’s consequences.

So today I came out of church after a very powerful preaching on disloyalty. Walking to my bus stop, i was causually humming. Whilst at the bus stop waiting for the bus, I put words to the song I was singing. I shocked myself realising that I was infact singing a very worldly song, like the deeepest core of wordly music. I was shocked! I just experienced a powerful service filled with the presence of God!. Of coure this was a subconscious act. But it made me realise something very important – check yourself and guard your heart and mind. Unknowingly I was singing this song that doesn’t edify me or mix with my spirit. It made me think, I could be doing a thousnad other things that isnt in the right line with God and I’m not even aware of it. Its a lesson worth taking note of, dont disregard anything as being above you, you might think a single thought or single stare is innocent but you’d be suprised. Ignorance is a dangerous thing. Make it a daily activity to check yourself constantly. when you have a bad thought – pause, rethink your words, is it in line with what is written in the Word. This way you build your mind, training it against unrighteous thoughts. As well as this some of this thoughts might not even be your own. Through your mind is one of the ways in which the devil plants his seeds. So do yourself a favor and make it a daily routine to check yourself. Be genuine. This way you can face the issue before it grows its fruits. Have a blessed Sunday!!! ♡

Teni x