Soooo guys!!!! On a much much brighter and happier side of life. ( I’m really sorry for the late post; I wont even bother explaining, all I’ve got is lots of excuses upon excuses)
I completed my first Psalm of the day (week)!

I can now proudly say that I know Psalm 121 and I can recite it off the top of my head!

I think an exciting thing to do is to make a video recitation and post it up or something, i dunno :).  but i will soon – especially when I get my new laptop!
It should be fun… tomorrow is Thursday so I don’t know if im gonna post a Psalm a day (week) this week. Instead I’ll be posting my Psalm a Quiet time!!!

So something to look forward to… can’t wait to share ♡♥

Have a blessed night guys