I’m not here to forcefully impose
Even if I was He would oppose
I’m not here to speak for long so I won’t waste your time
But in the tumble of my words
There is something I want you to understand
In fact I need you to understand

We’ve all loved right?
We all understand the systematic process of Love
You love to be loved back
Well since we are all familiar with the term
I’d like to conclude with the greatest love story ever told

This isn’t a fairytale
This is reality based on concrete facts
This is how Love rode down from his throne
To save His damsel in distress
Trust me, we were distressed
Chocking on the apple stuck in our throat
We were at the point of our death

But this is a story of how love selflessly surrendered His life for our sake
It’s how we rejected His love and spat it back in His face
I don’t think you understand
Love was crucified
Branded a liar
I don’t think you understand what it means to be crucified

This isn’t Sci-Fi, action or thriller mixed with movie tricks
This is love played out in blood
Denial dug deep
Daggered battered flesh
Mixed with tears, but his only plea was Father forgive them for they do not know what they do!
The greatest lover
The Rose of Sharon!
Whipped by the thorns of the very people he loved

This isn’t a metaphor, I mean it in literal form
The pounding nails separating flesh
This isn’t an exaggeration, this is fact based description
The king shed his name to be shamed!
The Son of God!
Bled for our sake
He left the right hand for our sake
Denied by our lack of Faith

Sometimes I wonder
How did the Father feel?
To see his only Son
Mocked by crown of thorns
At the hands of the people he beautifully created
The mere earth he breathed life on
To see His only Son die
As Christ watched each and every one of our faces constantly rejecting him
How did he feel?

Action speaks louder than words
In the Son or the Fathers seat
What would you do?
How great is your love?
How great is your love?

Let’s be real
I don’t know if I’m even capable
To selflessly lay my life down
To hear the sound of my bones crunching like stones
To refrain from cursing the hands that drew blood

But it’s finished
Because only He could pay the price
Sinking our sins deep into the grave
A transaction of Love
It is finished
I’m forgiven by His grace

What plagues’ my heart now…
Does He still feel the sting of pierced flesh?
As He weeps at our rejection
Does He still hear the whips of thorns on opened flesh?
The price of love

So tell me, do we even understand love?
I would like to leave you with a thought
Greater love has no one than this
That a man should lay his life down
For the sake of his friends

Hey guys it’s been a ridiculously long time! But yaay new poem. Like most of my poem it a read out kind of format. I actually recorded an audio to go along, but after tries and tries and finally getting one turns out I can’t upload one on Word press so…
But I’m really adamant so I’m looking around

FYS, Teni x