I tried writing this in note form but I couldn’t. It’s basically a short thought on how sometimes we Hide in ourselves and lean on our strength to cover our weakness… I need to learn how to just come. Come as I am letting go of all my doubts and realize that God’s grace and Mercy will cover all my weaknesses.

My Sin
My deepest pain
The sin I gained
Repent again
But my mind is a tangle of repetitive Blame

My greatest sin
Isn’t that sin
Those sins were nailed at the Cross
Buried by the deepest pain

The ignorance of forgetting
Covering the price that was paid
By retreating cowardly in the dark hallways of my mind

So I hide from His face
Making the same mistake Eve once made
My greatest sin is self

I reject myself from the blame
Covering myself in shame
And like Adam blamed
I focus on blaming another

But true repentance is acknowledgment
Ensuring no separateness
Coming to Him
Focusing only on the Cross
And in my filthiness
In all my weakness
His presence overwhelms my fall