I see you.
No, not in a creepy I’m watching you way.
But, I see you.
I see
Eyes Clouded by childhood memories
The hopes and fading dreams
The tears that stings
The bittersweet kisses
I see you
I see
Blood dripping, fading reality
The life that’s slowly fading into nothing but constant strife with the devil
I see you
I see
Eyes scared to shut
Because every creeping thing reminds you of every scar
I see you
I see
When your only remedy for sleep is your tears
Overdosed painkillers to dull your heart wrenching pain
I see you
I see
When you search
How crazily you search
When you crave
For air
For something that seems so near but ever so far away
I see you
Screaming with your mouth shut
Flinching at every taunt
Loneliness nested hole
I see you
Darling, I see
When you make that choice that it’s not worth it anymore
I see when the comfort of dark eternal oblivion can seem much more appealing than carrying on
I see you darling
I see you
Because I was you
So see me, for just one second
Breathe and see me
And hear the only thing of value I have to say
I see you
I see you
But One sees you greater
You can search and you can search and darling you can search
But there is no Love
But there is something greater
Someone greater
And I wish I could put words to it but its-
Mind-blowingly greater
Ever so undeserving
But still given
There’s someone that saw you before you were even formed
And darling your scars are nothing but your testimony
Because love CANNOT describe what you’re feeling
Because what you’re searching for is so much more
Nothing can describe the love of the father
Jesus –
You want love-
Look at the cross
He saw you at the cross
When he bled beyond humanely possible
When he laid down his life
He let out sweet whispers of your name as he lost consciousness
He kissed your life with his everlasting grace
That one day you’ll know of his pain
And know that all this world has is nothing – nothing compared to his LOVE
And this word love is such an unsuitable, unqualified inappropriate word to describe his unfathomable, incomprehensible profound heartfelt affection for us
But Darling
He sees you!
And yes, he’s absolutely, perfectly completely, fully, unconditionally, and crazily in love with you.
Just believe.

say the – ‘sinners prayer‘ today (click on the link)

FYS, Teni x